The Etch Download Page

Welcome to the Etch Download Page. This page provides access to stand-alone profiling and measurement tools based on the Etch binary rewriting engine from the University of Washington and Harvard. These tools allow monitoring of Windows programs that use the Win32 API and run on 80x86 Windows NT systems.

The Etch Call Graph Profiler is now available for download. The Etch Call Graph Profiler collects procedure call profile information by rewriting Win32 executables and DLLs to measure time spent in procedures. It presents the information using multiple views, including summary, per module, and per procedure views. As with all Etch-based tools, the Etch Call Graph Profiler does not require source code. It can provide more useful output (procedure names), however, if appropriate debug information is available.

Etch has been used with commercial software packages such as Microsoft's SQL server, IE and Navigator, WinWord, and Monster Truck Madness.

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